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27 October 2010


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Zita - Mlle Magpie

That chippy blue frame is ultra fabulous!


Wow, look at all the fun goodies! Love how you photoshopped in the blackboard LOL!

amy boelter

Love the blue frame and picture! Such fun finds!Amy

Into Vintage

I hope the madness never ends! Great score with those mantique auto manuals.

Suzy's comment totally cracked me up.


What a great lot of goodies, I would have popped on all of that! xo, suzy


Good finds! A friend of a friend sells vintage car manuals (the kind you get with your car) on ebay for a LIVING. And mine sell out immediately. Same with sports almanacs. Just not for $85 at the shop.

And that blue frame? OMG. You're on a roll, grrrl.


"just take em"??? i was going to ask if you were selling them??? pure profit...


Great finds... love that blue frame especially!



Did I already mention Bar Keeper's Friend for polishing up chrome? (Try it on the bottom first just in case...) I have really good luck with it. I hear you on the madness ... I can't wait for the sale season to end and am all excited about an auction next week, sigh.


Hey, I collect postcards like this one from the artist, Catherine Klein. She's done some beautiful work.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Hi Gina,
Love your finds...especially the blue bird platter! Will you be selling that?
The chalkboard will be awesome!


Love love love the chalkboard frame with the flower pattern! Awesome! The bluebird place is too cute!


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