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10 September 2010


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Emily Thompson




I'm with Sue on the Catholic hoarding thing. Catholic churches definitely, by far, without a doubt, unquestionably have THE best rummage sales. I don't know if it's the size of the churches or the guilt thing. My Etsy v. eBay theory in a nutshell is: if I don't know what it's worth, or I think it might be worth a lot, I put it on eBay. If I know pretty much exactly what something is worth, and particularly if it's offbeat and visual, I put it on Etsy. I think those aqua glasses might be Hazel Atlas - I had some at one point. They're great!


Hey I want those fans, I pay finders fees!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike


I asked my Aunt Isabel who is a nun and she says the statue "looks like Saint Gerard, who is the patron saint of expectant mothers. St. Gerard is usually shown in as black Redemptorist habit, carrying a crucifix in his arms, a Rosary hanging from his waist, with a gray skull at his feet."

I think she nailed it!


Wow - I am SO envious that you got all of that wonderful stuff for $17!!!! Very cool!


Grrrl, you are channeling me! I have that same Jesus head. I swear, Catholics are the bestest hoarders.... And you should've bought those standing fans; I would've bought them from you! Your tale of "everything unmarked is a quarter" is making me rethink my no-garage-sales policy. And 73 sales???? Honestly, though: how many are crappy kids stuff?

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