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24 April 2010


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I think the orange bell is from a game of Pit.


Are you kidding me? What a great haul!!! The paper lanterns are my favorite.


Beauty Salon Appointment Books. Never seen those!

Shabby Vintage Junk

Oh Gina....!!!

Be STILL my beating heart....I would buy EVERYTHING in your first pic from you....If these aren't keepers & you're going to list them, send me a price & we might be able to arrange a transaction of the international variety....Vintage Christmas is MY THANG....hahahahaha.....!

Tamarah :o)


oh Gina...you DID find the goodies! Vintage Christmas items are the BEST finds to me! (And I love the Hulk hands LOL!)

Debbie Moore

Swear to God, you make me want to do this. I love, love, love the Christmas stuff!!! All I can think that someday, when I am long dead, someone will come to a garage sale at my house and they will have their own slice of heaven.

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