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06 April 2010


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David Claghorn

OMG I love the Christmas stuff!


Dang, that's a whole mess of Santa's ya got there!
But the monkeys have me drooling, those are just weird enough to be awesome. :-)

So sorry about Leo, he's more than likely up there chasing mice with my Twig right about now.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Fabulous finds, Gina- I am all about the monkeys- so cool! I understand about wanting animals in your life- In the 37 years we have been married we have had 4 dogs, three cats, and 6 guinea pigs that have passed now- they all lived good, long lives and added immeasurably to our family. Now we have 2 pugs and a guinea pig...I doubt we'll ever be without a pet for too long! The picture of Chewbacca and Chico is SO adorable!

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