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20 March 2010


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I'll bet these just give the best mood lighting- great projects!


Hello over there Gina... :o) !!!

I know EXACTLY what you mean lovey....I've been popping into your blog ALL week thinking my Google reader must be missing your posts but you HAVEN'T posted & I'm sitting here 'Down Under' thinking, "Where the bloody hell are ya....?" hahahahahaha....THAT expression got us into a WHOLE lot of trouble with the English a while ago....But it's as 'Aussie' as the day is long....!!!

Anyways....I'm LOVING your lights....We've already 'discussed' how clever I think you hubby is....Would you like to swap him for my Cabinet Maker for a bit as I have some lighting requiring attention....hahahahaha....??!!

I look forward to catching up with you again soon....!

Tamarah :o)


Love them all but actually love the lozenge tin best!

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