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09 January 2013


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Congratulations on keeping it going. Love the button and will keep that in mind when I start up again in Feb.

Karen G

Love your idea and your button. I know i am not an every day lister, but I have a goal of listing 5 a week. I am very hopeful that will work for me. I will keep following your progress.

Mitzi Curi

Hi Gina!

I love your idea! One of my goals is to list more items too, so I'll be following you throughout the year. Don't disappoint me now, lol...

Rustbelt Treasures

That's a Great Idea! If I could get at least one project done and listed per week I would be more productive! Thanx for the inspiration, I'll keep checking back and checking in, LOL You Go Girl!


I may just do this, because I am so impressed with that button! (I did some listings today but I inactivated them so I could have a bunch all go live at once ... that counts, right?)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

This has gotten me moving again, Gina! I know I'm not an everyday lister, as I don't work on the weekends, but I've listed quite a few things this week and am motivated to keep with it! Even one item makes a big difference over time and sales sure pick up, too!

Linda Emery

Ok, I'm going to try to start next week...! BUT, I am going Weight Watchers tomorrow! The pounds here are pretty vintage, that's for sure! hah! Good luck!

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